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Ship In Barn Assignments for 6/10/23

Trainers assigned to the Paddock may use a stall in Barn C if they arrive early or need to stay after their race.

Name Race(s) Barn

Aldrich, Laura 2 B

Alexander, Travis 4, 13 B

Balzer, John 3 C

Barrett, Tiffany 13 B

Berger, John 1, 5 C

Blackler, Scott 2 PADDOCK

Clarke, Bruce 3 PADDOCK

Crawford, Michelle Q2, Q5, Q6 B

Cukerstein, Wayne 12 C

Daguet, Deborah 1, 2, 5 C

Derue, Brett Q1, Q7, Q8 ,10, 14 ,15 B

Deters, Michael 4, 7, 10 B

DeVita, Nicholas 6 C

Dewhurst, David 5, 14 B

Drennan, Nik 3 B

Ducharme, George 2 PADDOCK

Euto, Bruce Q3 PADDOCK

Ford, Mark 4 B

Garcia, Tommy 11 C

Gray, Alicia Q1, 7 B

Greene, Jackie 7, 10, 13 B

Harder, Mark 2, 5 C

Harmon, Rob 13 C

Harrison, George 14 C

Hart, Edward 6 C

Huff, Jake 5 C

Lancaster-Dailey, Kelly 6, 9 + 1 Sunday C

Lawton, Dale 15 C

Leslie, Robert 8, 10, 13 B

MacDonald, John 1 PADDOCK

Mc Ghee, Janis Q8 C

Miller, Erv 1, 2, 5, 11 B

Minor, Dewayne 11 C

Naylor, Theresa 8 C

Oakes, Hunter 2 PADDOCK

Pelling, Brett 4, 6 C

Reynolds, Megan Q4, 10, 12 B

Salino, Maureen 11, 12 B

Schnittker, Ray 4 PADDOCK

Scott Jr, Eli 3, 4 C

Sorenson, Jeff 7 C

Stafford, Andrew 3 PADDOCK

Stark Jr, John Q2, Q3, 9 B

Stratton, Cory 3 PADDOCK

Vamvilis, Nicholas 5 C

Warner, Michelle 5 C

Whelan, Walter 6, 15 B

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