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Condolences to the Family and Friends of Fred Scheigert

Standardbred owner Fred W. Scheigert passed away on July 20 after a short illness.

Fred was born April 25, 1951, to William and Charlotte (née Abramson) Scheigert. He spent his early childhood in New Jersey before moving to Florida, where he attended Florida State University and graduated with a degree in political science.

He had many interests beyond his family and friends, including watching Indy Car racing, bowling, being an active member of the Lions Club, and he had a love of geography and travel, especially cruises of all lengths and destinations. A stop in New Zealand brought him to one of his biggest passions: harness racing.

He went on to be involved with over 150 horses and raced at nine different racetracks in five states over a 20-year span. He dabbled in breeding a few years and was known for his giant heart as an owner — buying back horses he had previously owned just to give them a retirement that they deserved.

A perpetual donor to New Vocations and the Standardbred Retirement Foundation, he was a well-known and a prominent owner at his home track, Saratoga Casino Hotel, where he could be seen at most race cards wearing his red stable jacket, cheering on his horses, and putting his $20 win bets on all of his horses — no matter their posts. Another of his greatest prides was his scholarship program, through which he proudly awarded scholarships to students with visual impairments.

Fred is survived by his wife, Alexa Poli-Scheigert; stepdaughter, Aviva Carroll; close friends, Perry Pelonero and Amanda Kelley; and “granddaughters,” Maci DeCarlo and Ada Pelonero.

In accordance with his Jewish tradition, Mr. Scheigert received a private burial.

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