Photo by Dave Oxford


President; Tom McTygue:
I have been a member of the Board of Directors since 2007 and serve on the following committees: Executive, and Publicity. I am readily available to speak to our members Term expires December 31, 2020

Secretary; Joe Battaglia:     

Born and raised in Albany and living in Saratoga County for 23 years. I’ve been a lifelong fan of harness racing and an owner since 2006 racing at Saratoga. I have worked in the field of public accounting for 30 years currently as the owner of Battaglia & Associates, CPA’s PLLC. My various professional and personal experiences as well as my commitment to the racing industry will be beneficial to the SHHA Board when addressing the variety of subjects that will come up for consideration. Serves on the Publicity committee.  Term expires December 31, 2022    


Jeff Cantine
Jeff has been involved in the harness racing industry for many years, grooming and owning horse. He is serving on the Board of Directors again. He is currently on the following committee: By-Laws
Term expires December 31, 2021

Brian Cross:
Brian was raised in Bennington VT. He grew up around his father and grandfather racing harness horses as a hobby. He began driving horses at the age of 14. He moved to Saratoga to train in 1985. Brian has driven and trained many fine horses over the years, and feels it is privilege that he have been involved in the industry. He is well respected and liked by many. His voice and level head on the Board of Directors would benefit all SHHA members.
Brian serves on the following committees: Drivers, Grievance and Track.
Term expires December 31, 2020

Adrian (Butch) DeVaux:
Originally from New Paltz, New York, I became involved in Harness Racing in 1974. My brother in-law, two friends and I purchased a five year old pacer and ever since I have been training horses. I have been on the SHHA Board of Directors since 2007 and have been involved with the various committees. Term expires December 31, 2022

Mickey McGivern:
My father bought his first race horse in 1964 at Saratoga Raceway, when I was eight years old. He trained horses as a hobby for several years introducing me to the sport at a young age. I graduated from college in 1977 with a degree in Medical Technology and began my pursuit of a career as a trainer-driver immediately. I love what I do and am thankful to be able to enjoy racing horses for my livelihood. I have been on the SHHA Board of Directors since January 2008. My goal as board member is to make our Association an active participant in promoting the sport of harness racing in an effort to revitalize the sport, especially in the Saratoga area. I am currently on the Executive Committee By-laws and Publicity Committee. Term expires December 31, 2023

George Merton Jr.:
I was born in the shadow of Hinsdale Raceway and began working there as a groom in the late 60’s, while still a teenager. I got my license to drive in 1969, with my first win behind Johnny W Creed at Hinsdale. I traveled the New England Circuit for several years, landing at Saratoga in 1978 and working for John Kane before training on my own.  I am glad to be re-elected to the SHHA Board of Directors and look forward to representing our horsemen and women. Term expires December 31, 2021

Scott Mongeon:
Originally from Syracuse, my family moved to Saratoga and while in high school I worked with my father John Sr. jogging horses and grooming for Wayne Harrington and Paul Onyon. In 1980, I became a licensed trainer and driver and in 1983 began my own stable. I have been a member the SHHA Board of Directors since 2001 and am a member of the Drivers, Executive, Stakes, Track, and Publicity. Term expires December 31, 2021

Henry Westbrook Jr:
Prior to becoming involved with harness racing, I was a dairy farmer. In 1979, I became involved in racing with George Walters and have remained in the business ever since. Currently, my son and I manage Westbrook Stables. Being one of the original Directors of the SHHA, I have been an officer, horsemen’s representative and on numerous committees. I am currently a member of the following committees: Grievance and Stakes Term expires December 31, 2023

Mark Whitcroft:

I am originally from Simcoe, Ontario and along side my father George, I became involved in harness racing. I have been in the business for thirty-two years and currently my wife Cheryl and I manage our stable. I became an SHHA director in 2000 and am a member of the following committees: Executive, Drivers and Track. Term expires December 31, 2020

Jacob D Zakrzewski

Serves on the Stakes and Publicity Committees. Term expires                             December 31, 2023