SHHA Charitable Contribution and Hardship Fund Request Form

Name of Person or Organization for funds:_____________________________

Organization or Person’s connection to the SHHA or Saratoga Harness:______________


Reason for Funds (please give a detailed description of why you would like to make a contribution/donation): _________________________________________________

Name of person requesting Donation:_________________________________________

Contact number for person requesting funds:____________________________________

Amount of funds requested (if unsure leave blank)_______________________________

Level 1:       Donations of up to $100.

Level 2:       Donations of up to $250.

Level 3:       Donations of up to $500..

Level 4        Misc donation. Unlimited

Level 1        The donation under this classification is for SHHA members, their family members, other people with a connection to the SHHA or Saratoga Harness (past or present) and typically would be used for a small donation to a charity, flowers for a funeral etc. It can also include an organization that is not connected to SHHA, but that the SHHA could benefit from by making a donation/Contribution. 

Level 2        The donation under this classification would be for SHHA members and their immediate family members (spouse, children, grandchildren). These donations could include a charitable contribution after an immediate family members death, funds to help defray funeral costs etc. They can also include organizations that are not related to the SHHA directly, but would benefit the SHHA by making a contribution.

Level 3        This level would include donations for active members as a result of accident or unexpected illness to help with continuing operating costs related to training or racing horses or other needs because of an death/accident/illness/situation. These donations will need to be made to members of the SHHA and their immediate family, to help with the hardships created by a death accident, illness or unforeseen situation. In addition, they can include organizations or causes that could benefit the SHHA. An example being political donations.

Level 4        This level is for donations that are above the limits listed above, and will be approved by the SHHA board on a case by case basis. These would be for extraordinary situations, such as the Community program that the Saratoga Management has asked us to contribute to, as well as other organizations where it could benefit the SHHA, such as PAC’s and other political or local organizations where publicity would benefit the SHHA.

Please forward your completed form to Saratoga Harness Horsepersons Association PO Box 171, Saratoga Springs NY 12866.