SHHA would like to hold a Racing Under Saddle Exhibition Race at Saratoga Casino and Raceway on the USTA’s annual Back to the Track.  The USTA has scheduled the Back to the Track promotion for the weekend of July 5-July 7.  At this point in time anyone seriously interested to compete in RUS please contact Ozzie Cole in the SHHA office during live racing dates, so we can determine the number of eligible competitors for an exhibition race.  Please visit the USTA site for the necessary forms and guidelines for racing under saddle.   There will be forms in the SHHA Office and each rider (over 16) must complete an application and forward it to the USTA, then take a written and  practical test behind the gate with eligible horse before receiving a license for racing under saddle.    All horses participating in RUS should be registered and identified by a lip tattoo or neck freeze with the USTA or Standardbred Canada.  Horses under the age of three are ineligible to race under saddle.

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