SHRI Covid-19 Policy Update

To All Horsemen and Vendors:

Please be reminded of our policy below regarding COVID-19.

SHRI will require personnel to immediately disclose if and when any response to any of the aforementioned questions changes, such as if they begin to experience symptoms, including during or outside of work hours.  This goes for all people entering our backstretch and is the responsibility of every horse person to notify us and not come to our property.  If any employee or horse person deviates from this, they face immediate exclusion from our properties.

The COVID-19 manager (Director of Security) shall be immediately notified and the personnel shall be separated or sent home immediately.  SHRI will instruct all personnel to contact the COVID-19 Manager if they notice a coworker with a cough, shortness of breath, or other

known symptoms of COVID-19.  This is being done by a few horsepersons sometimes days or weeks later, or via here-say from people who heard from another person.  It is the responsibility of the person witnessing this to report it directly to the ranking security member in the backstretch. 

We do not screen for symptoms; those functions were waived a while ago with modification of the plan.  This is the honor system for those persons who have come in direct contact with persons who are showing symptoms of COVID and were then verified as being positive with COVID.  Exposed or positive persons may not be allowed to enter the site without abiding by the precautions previously outlined. 

It is up to every person using the grounds to report exposures and obtain guidance from medical professionals or the Dept. of Health.  If you were exposed to someone who is positive for COVID, you are obligated to notify us of your exposure and provide evidence of a negative test or completion of a proper quarantine before returning to the grounds.  Once again, failure to practice this requirement creates a threat to the health and safety of each of your co-workers and employees on the racetrack.  Failure to abide by these safety protocols will be met with immediate exclusion from the grounds to anyone who fails to comply with our COVID-19 Plan. 

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