Assembly Bill A4154

A NYS law passed both houses of the Legislature. It is referred to as the NY Horse Slaughter Law. Its  proponents seek to make responsible those connected with a horse who  knowingly are involved in sending horses to slaughter and/or are transporting them for that purpose. Since all breed registry records will be used to locate the last owner and presumptively hold him/her responsible. It is recommended that everyone selling, transferring, bartering or gifting away a horse, notify the breed registry, since sometimes horses are sold to someone who does not re-register the horse with the breed registry and that horse may end up in a slaughterhouse somewhere.

NY’s Slaughter Law provides as follows:

No horse, mare, gelding, colt or filly shall be  eligible to  compete  in any race, unless it is first microchipped and registered with the   jockey club, United  States  trotting  association,  American quarter  horse  association,  the national steeplechase and hunt association or such other entity, as applicable  and  as  the  commission  may designate.  The commission may request that all microchip information be provided  and  available to the commission as necessary pursuant to this chapter.

This law would take effect  01/01/2022 and is consistent with the current USTA rule requiring all horses to be microchipped ($35). Some states and tracks are reportedly refusing entries now, even in advance of the USTA deadline for micro chipping effective on 01/01/2022. The state law will be effective when signed into law and horsemen could be denied entry if they are not in compliance with state law or track regulations.

All horsemen should consider arranging for the insertion of the microchips ASAP. This is just a heads up as state law will govern participation in races in NYS and perhaps in other venues around the country.

Get your horses microchipped.

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