Dogs Prohibited From Backstretch

A decision has been made regarding dogs in the Backstretch. As we know dogs were never allowed back here and there are signs posted as you come in stating so. At some point this was overlooked and Security did not enforce this rule. Prior to the handbook coming out we asked that if you currently brought a dog onto the Backstretch to register the animal. The plan was to grandfather those dogs in and not allow anymore dogs after that. We received less responses then the actual number of dogs we have on the property. This past year we have had more issues with dogs on the Backstretch. Incidents include of dogs attacking other dogs and staff as well as dogs running unsupervised on and near the jog track. Security has had to stop dogs from running onto Nelson avenue in the past. So it was determined that based on current and past incidents ALL DOGS for the safety and good working order of the Backstretch registered or not will not be allowed on the grounds. This will go into effect Friday 6/11/2021. Please do not bring or attempt to bring any dog into the Backstretch on or after 6/11/2021 you will be stopped at the Stable gate and sent out. Any dog found on the Backstretch or in a vehicle will be in violation of the Horseperson’s Handbook General rules page 3 Section (F) which addresses the Animal policy.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

Charles Astarita

Saratoga Casino Hotel

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