Condolences to the Family of Cynthia Milano


Columbus, OH — Cynthia Milano, 62, died April 10, 2021, at her home in Saratoga, N.Y., after an unsuccessful bout with an unknown gastro intestinal disorder.

She was the wife of Barry Segel, and the team made an impact at Saratoga Raceway.

She will be remembered as one of the foundation trainers at Saratoga. She was a mainstay at the Raceway over the course of her long career and amassed 487 wins and $2,489,256 in earnings.

She trained the 2003 Trotter of the Year at Saratoga, Riverofglory. In 2014 she was named Horsewoman of the Year at Saratoga.

Her favorite horses were Riverofglory, Steve’s Scooter and Strong Hall.

She loved all animals — especially her black labs, Asia and Bentley.

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