Stall Applications Due February 1, 2021

DATE: January 6, 2021
TO: Trainers Seeking Stalls on the Backstretch at SCH
SUBJECT: 2021 Stall Application
The 2021 Stall Applications will be available at the stable gate. Complete the information for all horses you wish to stable at SCH, review the conditions on page two of the application, sign and return to PJ Iovino via the Stable Gate. Stall applications are due on February 1, 2021.

  1. If your stall application is approved, you will be assigned a specific number of stalls in a specific barn.
    If you acquire additional horses they must be approved by PJ. Do not put horses in stalls that have not been assigned to you.
  2. The number of tack and feed stalls is limited. Trainers with six or fewer horses will be assigned one tack and one feed room.
  3. Stalls assigned for horses may not be used for storage.
  4. If you will no longer be stabling horses on the backstretch all stalls, tack and feed areas must be cleaned out upon departure. Any items left behind will be considered abandoned property if not claimed by the departing trainer within 30 days, and will be discarded.
    If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

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