Notice Regarding Pets on Backstretch

Saratoga Harness Racing has always had a no pets allowed policy on property including the backstretch area with signs posted throughout the property. That policy has not been vigorously enforced over the last several
years and as a result the Security Department has become aware of a number of licensed individuals who have pets and have been bringing them regularly on property in the backstretch. Recently one of our personnel was attacked by a dog on an extended leash in the backstretch. The Security manager was able to avoid injury when the dog attempted to bite him; the heavy gauge of his clothing prevented puncture wounds from this dog bite.
No pets are allowed on all other areas inside or outside where the public gathers, including parking lots and playing fields. Our company is currently considering if we are going to continue to allow pets into the backstretch
area in the future. While we are considering this issue we are requesting that any person who currently uses our backstretch area and has been bringing their pet(s) in this area during their backstretch visits in the past, or who has any kind of pet that is residing on property and wishes to continue to do so in the future, please reply
in writing via letter or email message to us using the below address. In responding, please provide to us the animal information and owner information as follows:

 The type of pet you have been bringing on property, animal’s age, sex, breed, color, name, and a description including approximate weight.
 The owner’s name, address, telephone numbers and email address.

This information must be provided to us no later December 21, 2020 by 10:00 AM. We will prepare a list of those pets registered with us to be posted in Security as reference should any other incidents be reported.
During this time we will continue to examine pets in the backstretch considering the necessity of allowing this practice and the effects it has on safety and operational aspects for all users. We will work closely with the
SHHA in determining a solution that is fair and open to all sides of this issue, but we must ultimately ensure that we have a safe operating environment for all users of our backstretch.
Please forward your response on pets to:
[email protected] or drop off in letter form to the attention of Charles Astarita, Security, at the Stable Gate, or you may mail letters to
Edward Moore, Director of Security
342 Jefferson Street
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866


Edward Moore

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