Entry to Jog Track- 1 Access

Horsemen please be advised that we are getting numerous complaints from Track Maintenance that Horsemen are ignoring the VEHICLE rules for the jog track. Vehicles are being driven on the track. As you all know the jog track has one AUTHORIZED entry and exit for vehicles to use. This is a violation of the Backstretch rules and it is also a safety hazard. This causes Tire Ruts that could cause an accident and injury to a fellow Horsemen or horses. This also damages the track. These rules apply whether the track is open or closed.

Any offenders of this rules will be given one final warning notice and the second offense will result in Exclusion/Suspension of racing. As always Owners/Trainers are responsible for the actions of their employees on the Backstretch and will be held accountable for their actions.

SCH Security

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