Answers to Questions from COVID-19 Session

Will there be a special protocol for Sire Stakes Ship in?

At this time, this cannot be answered because the State of New York may be in a different phase.  

Can  Qualifiers be  6/13 or another day prior to 6/18?


Can Sire Stakes outside the 60 mile radius qualify and or race? 


Exactly where will drivers be waiting and accessing the horses?  

As stated at the COVID-19 info session, Drivers will be outside the paddock by the locker room until time to get on their horse.  They will walk around, go in paddock gate, walk along the paddock building, and get on their horse as they leave the paddock for the track.   

If you have a bad-mannered horse, can you remove its equipment inside the paddock before bringing back to barn?

A suggestion is to obtain permission from the paddock judge to use one of the wash stalls or a urine stall for this specific issue.

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