Sire Stakes Qualifiers and Shipping

At this time, NYS has the following policy in place for trainers shipping horses out and to be allowed to return to the Saratoga Casino Hotel backstretch.

Scroll down to Racing Activities, then click on Read and Affirm Detailed Guidelines.

This information is on page 5

Transport Out.  Trainers may ship to run horses at another racing facilities provided the trainer and their staff does not accompany the horse to the other track. Therefore, trainers must hire a shipper to transport the horse, designate a trainer to care and race the horse and use a driver from the other track.  The shipper may return the horse to the original racetrack property.  In this case, the ship-in policy will be followed.

Ship In. Shippers will access the racetrack property at the common gate and COVID 19 protocol will be followed. If the driver is cleared through the screening, they will be able to proceed onto the grounds to unload the horse. If the driver is not cleared, then the horse is unloaded outside the racetrack grounds into the custody and control of the trainer’s present on track licensed personnel.

Several parties are working to get this requirement changed, but until it is changed, it currently remains in effect.

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